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What’s Inside the Bag of a Single Mompreneur

Posted by Monique Mallory on

As a single mom of a toddler-two; I often have many items, of his and my own, to juggle when leaving the house. I am a vintage handbag lover and that’s how I started my love for designer bags as well. Like many women I love a good Gucci crossbody or Louis Vuitton speedy. However, once I had my son at the good ole age of 40 – I realized that carrying my traditional handbags wasn’t as easy as it used to be. This led me to a newfound love of everything Tote.

When I sit and think about it now; I used to laugh at a good friend of mine – years ago – because she always carried big bags. I would say, “you probably got everything including the kitchen sink in that bag.” I didn’t understand why anyone would want to drag around such a large handbag - all the time. Well. Touché. Thanks to motherhood, I am now a large bag carrier. I tried for a long time to hang on to my crossbodies and speedies, which left me juggling 3-4 bags at a time. My handbag, laptop bag, his diaper backpack, a bag for snacks - all on what I would call the smaller size. Let’s just say getting in and out of the car to run errands became a job of its own.

As an entrepreneur starting a new business, I always need my laptop with me. As the mother of a toddler-two there are many things, you fellow mothers would understand, that I need close at-hand. And then there are my essentials, as a woman, that I must consider. Hence, my newfound passion for totes and the like. Now let’s not mistake, I still carry my smaller bags from time-to-time but my go-to everyday bag, with a toddler-two trailing my every move, is my tote. I’ve recently embarked on the Telfar Medium Shopper rage and find them not only economically suffice but quite roomy as well.

image of telfar x mooseknuckle bag

They not only prevent me from breaking the bank; because let’s be honest – being a new entrepreneur doesn’t leave you with a lot of moola to play with; some are made of materials that I have found surprisingly easier to endure many of the toddler-two oopsies that seems to happen often with us (I am a natural born clutz and think I passed it onto my children), and they hold more than you may imagine - this particular version have two inside pockets in addition to the open middle space.

So, let’s see what’s inside the bag of this single mompreneur:

image of various items

So, to start, if you notice I have recently ventured into buying a lot of small cases/pouches to help keep everything organized within my bag. I have my laptop case, some business mail, my pill case because what mompreneur of a toddler-two doesn’t need a headache pill here and there, an assortment of card cases which use ranges from credit cards to business cards to holding business receipts when on-the-go, a lipstick-lip-gloss-mascara-eyeliner pouch (yes, I tend to put all of that in there. lol), a compact mirror with various light settings for applying my make-up on-the-go, a hair tie, hand sanitizer, charcoal floss, a pouch for toddler-two’s training underwear and wipes, his sippy cup of course, and a few of his favorite mini trucks to help keep him entertained when I need to focus on a task or something.

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